Well, it happened. We blinked and not only is it a brand-new year but also a brand-new decade. And with that decade comes another year of The SEVillage at DEF CON. We are just 5 short months from the Def Con SEVillage doors opening and prep is in full swing. Each year we learn new things from the community and try to incorporate them into the SEVillage to make it better than ever. So, this year we will be adding exciting new elements to our competitions AND a brand spanking new competition! Do we have your attention now? Then keep reading to find out about the launch of SEVillage at Def Con 28! And… all the exciting things you can expect.

SEVillage at Def Con 28!


This year will be our 11th year running the Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) at Def Con It feels like just yesterday we were in our closet size room, as our first ever contestant entered the booth. (Looking at you, Wayne!) This year, at Def Con 28, we will be changing the format of the SECTF. Each year, we find it a challenge for our contestants to reach their target companies due to the company’s work schedules. To combat that this year, we are choosing to only run the SECTF for one day. The competition will be held on Thursday, August 6, 2020. This will mean a small decrease in the number of contestants we will be able to accept. However, we feel that this will mean a more successful competition for all!  

With the acceptance margin a little smaller we highly recommend that each person submit a video. There are hundreds who submit to compete in the SECTF each year and the only thing that gives us a glimpse into who you are is your video. So, make it fun, make it entertaining, make it unique, and original! Let us see who you are and why you should be in the booth, but, above all, please follow the rules!  

Signups accepted until: May 11, 2020 

Videos MUST be submitted by: May 15, 2020  


For the first time ever, we are bringing the Open Source Information Capture the Flag (OSINT CTF) to Def Con! Together with the brilliant minds of Chris and Kris Silvers, we ran this competition at DerbyCon IX. While the Silvers have hosted many OSINT CTFs in their career, they helped us create a new LIVE version of this especially for the SEVillage. After the success we had at DerbyCon we knew that we wanted to bring it to Vegas with us. The dynamic Silvers are yet again gracious enough to help us run the first ever Def Con SEVillage OSINT ctf!  

What will this competition involve? We will be selecting 14 contestants to come to the SEVillage and compete live, in front of our audience. With REAL targets who were coerced willingly volunteered to be part of the competition, competitors will be given just 4 hours to gain as many flags as possible using only OSINT. After the success we had at DerbyCon, we have also decided to add a video submission element to help us choose the right contestants to compete. So, show us why we need your OSINT skills in the SEVillage! The competition will be held on Friday, August 7, 2020.  

Signups accepted until: May 11, 2020 

Videos MUST be submitted by: May 15, 2020 

Call for Papers 

For the past 6 years, The SEVillage has been the home of social engineering talks and demonstrations. With topics ranging from hunting predators, interrogation techniques, as well as personal stories, and more. We have had tools released and breakthrough research discussed. In these few short years, it has become the place for human hacking discussions.  

Are you interested in speaking in the SEVillage? Well, have a CFP that is live and waiting for you to submit! In the interest of allowing for more to attend the speeches, without it cutting into evening events, we are limiting all talks to 25 minutes. When making your submission, please make sure that your talk can be tailored to that time limit.  

Signups accepted until: June 1, 2020 

SECTF4Kids and SECTF4Teens 

One of our favorite aspects of the SEVillage at Def Con is the SECTF4Kids and Teens! The young people we meet each year inspire and motivate us long after Def Con is over. We are planning on a fun new theme for this year that will challenge the kids and teens! To sign your child up head on over to the sign-up pages! The SECTF4Kids competition will be held on Friday, August 7, 2020. The SECTF4Teens competition will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2020.  

Signups will be accepted until: June 15,2020 

See You Soon!  

The SEVillage team is so excited to see all of our friends and family at Def Con! We hope that all of you can attend and join in on the fun.  

Until Vegas, stay safe!