You have been hitting refresh on your keyboard nonstop.  You have been nagging your parents.  Even some of you have gotten your parents to email us asking when we will announce…..

The time is here.

The SECTF4Kids is back for a 5th year and the all new SECTF4Teens is now live and waiting for you to register.

SECTF4Kids & SECTF4Teens at DEF CON 25

Do you want details? Rules? Registration.  Follow the links below:

If you are between 6-12 years of age, want to hack stuff for fun and win cool prizes and are coming to DEF CON 25 then go to the SECTF4Kids Registration and Rule Page.

If you are between 13-17 years of age, want to be part of the coolest teen hacking competition at DEF CON 25 then go to the SECTF4Teens Registration and Rule Page.