Social-Engineer is on the road again! This time you’ll see our friendly faces popping up in Louisville, KY at DerbyCon, 24-28 September. In true SEORG style, we’ll be hitting the ground at 150 mph leaving secret decoder rings and lock picks in our wake. You’ll have plenty of chances to say hello to Chris and meet Colin the SE Wunderkind at his con debut. Think of this as his debutante coming out without the hoop skirts and silly hats. Here’s what we have planned; kudos to anyone who can keep up!

Wed-Thursday: Advanced Social Engineering Lite Edition

If you’re not already signed up, we apologize ahead of time because our class is completely sold out! This condensed version of our Advanced Practical Social Engineering training class will teach our students the fundamentals of social engineering to include communication styles, building rapport, and understanding influence and manipulation.

Friday: Meet Chris and Colin the SE Wunderkind and Beat the Polygraph Contest

This year we’ll be at a booth to meet and greet, answer questions, and generally hang out. Chris will be available to sign books and Colin will be fetching coffee and dazzling you with his junior SE prowess. We’ll also be debuting a new contest this year: Beat the Polygraph! Are you truly cool under pressure? Here’s your chance to prove it. We’ll have a professional polygrapher at the booth on Saturday in another opportunity for you to test your SE might. In what’s becoming a Social-Engineer tradition, winners will move on to a special DEATH MATCH to determine the ultimate SE.

We will have special stickers for everyone who can beat the poly, then two lucky winners will have a chance to try their hands at the Social-Engineer DEATHMATCH <said in loud booming voice>.  This is where both contestants are handcuffed and leg cuffed and they must free themselves and be the first to grab a nerd gun and put three in their opponent.

Saturday, 1:00: Check out Chris’ Presentation “The Human Buffer Overflow”

Being a great SE means understanding everything you can about humans and their vulnerabilities. Join Chris as he talks about creating the human buffer overflow – a way to overcome a person’s rational thought to create optimum conditions for influence. Do you really want to know what a professional SE pen tester knows? Learn from the man who INVENTED the Social-Engineer Capture the Flag.

Dave has long promised to torture or prank Chris to some extent at one of his speeches, will this be the year it actually happens?  Probably not, but don’t miss the speech to see.

That’s our long weekend in Louisville, folks. If you’re coming to DerbyCon, please stop by and say hello. The best thing about going to cons is getting the chance to meet you all in person. If you’ve showered, you’ll probably even get a hug. See you there!