Wait?  Is it really that time again?  No, it can’t be.  I mean didn’t we just leave DEF CON, like what… five minutes ago?  (checks watch)

Nope, its that time folks.  DEF CON will be upon us like a crazed starving vulture picking apart our brains and leaving us in heaps of sleepless, unshowered, prehuman piles before you know it.

As with the last 4 DEF CON’s it is time for the SECTF.  This year we were challenged, no dare I say, prodded to make the SECTF more difficult, more fun and even more crazy.


Enter the Tag Team

The team sat down this year and we tried to decide how we can:

1. Keep it fun

2. Make it challenging

3. Add a +1 Sexy Level to the game

4. Stay out of prison

We told Michele to start bench pressing now (as she is the muscle) and we spent countless seconds coming up with the ingenious plot to wreak havoc on your lives.


1. Go to the reg page and sign up (and read every darn rule… i mean every SINGLE one.)…

2. When you click SUBMIT you will send an email with a username and password to a brand new video site… “Video site, you say?”

3. Oh yes, you need to upload a video of why we need to pick you.  What is it about you that the SECTF needs?

4. Then you wait.  And in a couple months or less we will tell you if you are chosen.  Simple?

It is – so stop reading this and head over to the REGISTRATION page and start your process.

One hint:  Last year we had over 179 registrations.  We picked early birds and people who sounded like they were coming to win.