Social Engineering Updates

We are taking a brief break from the standard SEORG newsletter for this month to spend a few moments filling you in on all the different things happening in the world of Social-Engineer.Org and Com.


If you have been living under a rock and have not heard, the crew at Social-Engineer launched its first Social Engineering for Penetration Testers course in Seattle, WA USA. We have launched a series of blog posts that can walk you through each day of the course in greater detail.

The feedback and the testimonials have been humbling. We have a sold out course scheduled for April in London. Don’t fear, we do have spots open in our Las Vegas USA July 2012 Course, as well as our Bristol UK August Course.


This month we will be releasing a brand new song from Dual Core written just for the Social-Engineer.Org Podcast called “Control”. It is an amazing song that captures the essence of social engineering and takes the music for this year up another notch. We are sure you will enjoy this song.

New Videos

We had recently added two new videos in the resources page on Social-Engineer.Org as well as “In the Media” page of Social-Engineer.Com. Chris Hadnagy gave a speech at RSA entitled, “Human Hacking Exposed: 6 Preventative Tips That Can Save Your Company.”

In addition, we created a special promo video for the upcoming Social Engineering For Penetration Testers Courses, especially for the one at Black Hat Las Vegas.

Lots of Speeches

The SEORG Crew has been bumping up their speaking schedules. Just take a look at a few of the things coming up:

  • May 24th – Chris will be doing an invite only speech in Baltimore MD.
  • June 6th – Chris will be speaking at the NJ Association of Librarians.
  • June 22-23 Chris will be giving two speeches at Hack Paris.
  • July is Black Hat and Defcon.
  • August 20-24 is the Bristol UK Social Engineering Course.
  • Sept 27-29 Social-Engineer.Com will be doing a 1 day Course at DerbyCon and Chris will be speaking at Derby.
  • October 29th-31st – Chris will be giving a speech and conducting a training at HALO Corporations Anti-Terrorism Summit.

Even though that seems like enough – there is more coming soon!

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

On the Social-Engineer.Com site you can register to get the whole first chapter of Chris’ book, Social Engineering for free.

Whats Coming Up?

In the very near future we’ll have a few exciting announcements… stay tuned to get information on the DEFCON 20 Social-Engineer Capture the Flag. This year is going to be the hardest, the most intense, and the most exciting competition ever.

Also, we are slated for an amazing Social Engineering CTF for Kids. We have up’ed the ante this year. Last year was too easy (so we were told), so this year the kids that join will have to really put their thinking caps on.

We are also going to be running our very first Tee Shirt contest… If you want to see your original design plastered all over this years SEORG Tee’s, then get ready to join the contest.

Is your head spinning yet? Ours is – Seems like 2012 just started and it is already going 150 miles per hour, an exciting year is in store.

Written by: Chris Hadnagy