Ep. 078 – Curiosity, Trust and Focus with Robin Dreeke

  • HEEEEEEE’SSSS BACK!  Yes our long time friend and captain positivity, Robin Dreeke is back for another power packed episode all about trust and channelling your inner focus! Feb 08, 2016



Ep. 078 – Curiosity, Trust and Focus with Robin Dreeke

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Show Notes

Join us for another amazing episode with one of our favorite guests Robin Dreeke.

He helps us with:

  • Building on the 10 steps to rapport
  • How do we apply the 5 steps to trust?
  • Can this really make you more focused?
  • What is the name of his new book?
  • What is this?  We are HORNSBY FREE!!


Robin recommended 4 books:


Follow Robin on Twitter or visit his website www.peopleformula.com


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