Ok so if you haven’t heard of Clutch you just have been living under a rock… but if you have come out to listen to this podcast today is your special day… Meet Neil Fallon, leader singer, poet and scotch lover… oh yah and chances are if you go to one of his shows you are getting watched! Jan 11, 2016


Ep. 077 – Neil Fallon is Watching You

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Show Notes


Clutch has been rocking for just about 25 years.  In the last two and half decades Neil has learned to use psychology in his work…

  • How have you learned to use the ability of reading nonverbals at a show?
    How can you find time to do it while focusing on singing?
  • How do others nonverbals affect you while performing?
  • How do you use escapism?
  • Does empathy actually play a role in playing a rock show?
  • Are your back stage venues crazy?
  • Besides Chris Hadnagy, does anyone else SE their way into the back stage?


BIGGEST NEWS:  Neil Fallon told Dave to stop with the Bruce Hornsby

Neil also recommends two books if you like to read:

Child of God – Mormac McCarthy

Imaginary Cities by Darran Anderson

Follow Neil on his Twitter Account:  NPFALLON or the Official Clutch Twitter