Ep. 099 – In Robin Dreeke we Trust

One of our favorite guests of all times is back again – Robin Dreeke.  Captain positivity, the lord of rapport, the king of reciprocal altruism – no matter what you call him, you will really enioy this podcast.  November 13, 2017



Ep. 099 – In Robin Dreeke we Trust

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Show Notes

dreeke Robin's first book changed many of us and our ability to build rapport.  But how do you make those skills advanced? That is what Robin covers in his new book.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How do you use trust after rapport?
  • Why is trust so important to building relationships?
  • What's next for Robin?
  • Does he like Bruce Hornsby? (hint, no)
  • So much more


Follow Robin on his twitter at: https://twitter.com/rdreeke or on his website: http://www.peopleformula.com/

He recommends these books:

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