Episode 031 – Profiling People with Social Media

Being able to build a successful profile is an essential tool for a social engineer.  There are tools out there that specialize in gathering and detailing information on targets.  What about social media?  Chris Sumner helps us to use social media to build effective profiles on our targets Release Date Feb 13 2012



Episode 031 Profiling People With Social Media Release Date Feb 13, 2012.

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Podcast Notes

Chris.jpgChris Sumner is a security professional who did some research on how to profile people with their online social media usage, specifically Facebook.  Chris has been directly involved in Corporate Information Security at Hewlett-Packard since 1999. Chris is currently focused on Security in the Development Lifecycle. Outside the corporate world Chris’ interests include psychology (behavior residue in particular), Social Networks, Data Mining and Visual Analytics. Chris has presented on the topic of Social Network security at Blackhat, DEF CON and Security B Sides.We discussed with Chris:

  • What can you learn from a person’s posting habits?
  • How accurate are the profiles?
  • Can we hone our skills more?
  • What else can we learn about people from social media?
  • And much more…


Find out more about Chris at the https://www.onlineprivacyfoundation.org/ or his other site Big 5 with a twitter experiment.

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