Emotions cause an involuntary muscular response that last only 1/25th of second to 1 second on a human face.  Being able to decode these reactions can help a person communicate on a very deep and personal level.  But how can they be used as a social engineer?  Join us and Dr. Paul Ekman, world renowned for his research into microexpressions, as we explore this fascinating topic Release Date March 12 2012


Episode 032 – Non-Verbal Human Hacking  Release Date Mar 12, 2012.

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Dr. Paul Ekman is a world renowned scientist that has spent decades in pursuit of understanding on how humans interact.  His study into microexpressions has literally changed the world and how we communicate.  Dr. Ekman joined us this month to discuss some of the deeper aspects of his research into microexpressions; how they can be used and how people can be trained to see them. We discussed:  1.) Who is Paul Ekman?  2.) How did you start your research into MFE (micro facial expressions)?  3.) How can everyday people use MFE’s?  4.) Can one really detect deception using MFE’s?  5.) A group of scientists at Northwestern University did a study called “Neural and Behavioral Evidence for Effective Priming from Unconsciously Perceived Emotional Facial Expressions and the Influence of Trait Anxiety” it basically states that when a human views another human’s MFE’s it influences the emotions they feel… what are Dr. Ekman’s thoughts on that? And much much more!

Dr. Ekman’s recommended reading list:


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