Negotiation skills – we all use them every day.  But how closely do they mirror Social Engineering?  Can anyone learn to be a master?  Join us and our guest, Jenny “The Radcliffe” Radcliffe as we discuss these fascinating topics  May 13 2013


Episode 045 Negotiation Skills Applied to Social Engineering May 13, 2013

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Show Notes

Ep. 045
Jenny Radcliffe is a professional negotiator who is also an expert in body language and facial expressions.  Studying under Dr. Ekman she has mastered the ability to talk her way into and out of any situation with ease.
How do negotiation tactics apply in Social Engineering?
What skills are most important before trying to negotiate anything?
How closely do SE skills resemble Negotiation skills?
All this and much more as we talk with a lively and very energetic, Jenny Radcliffe.
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