Trust – it is the foundation of every relationship.  Knowing that, social engineer’s exploit that each and every day.  Dr. Paul Zak teaches us what chemicals create trust and how to generate it in every human.  April 8th, 2013


Ep. 044 – Do you trust me?  April 8th, 2013

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Show Notes

Trust.  It is the foundation that every relationship must have to succeed.  Our guest, Dr. Paul Zak, spent many years studying trust.  Join us as he answers questions like:
What is trust?
What chemicals create trust?
How can you make someone ooze with that chemical?
Do synthetic trust products work?
Does Dave’s creepy hugging actually have any hint of truth?
All of this and much more with the SEORG Podcast crew.
Check out Dr. Paul Zak and his book The Moral Molecule at his website.