If you haven’t heard of Clutch, only one of the best rock bands on earth, then go over to www.pro-rock.com and listen a bit.  Or you can just catch this month’s SEPodcast as our new theme music is none other than CLUTCH.  We have a fascinating discussion with front man, Neil Fallon, about how he frames himself for his shows.  As well as finding out some of the meanings to his deepest lyrics.  Sept 09 2013


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Show Notes

Ep. 049

Neil Fallon is one of the most dedicated and honest people in the music biz… well so we think.  (and yes we are biased)

Clutch has been around for over 20 years.  Although their sound may have evolved they have always kept to the core of their sound and the family unit that keeps Clutch together.

This month we have a great discussion with Neil Fallon about how he uses his Olfactory sense to frame himself for shows.

We ask lots of questions about lyric meanings.  And we get some of the deepest Clutch secrets revealed.  If you are an SE Fan, if you are a Clutch fan, if you are a fan of awesome podcasts – then download and listen now.

Neil’s recommended reading list: The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster