Join us as we discuss the idea of self framing with a very successful counselor (and social engineer) who has devoted her life to helping children learn how to re-frame and cope with terrible circumstances in life.  Elizabeth Tracy joins the cast of the Social-Engineer Podcast in an intriguing podcast.  Oct 14, 2013


Episode 050 – Self-Help for the Social Engineer Oct 14, 2013

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Show Notes

Ep. 050

Elizabeth Tracy started helping children as a school teacher. After getting her Masters and becoming a counselor she moved on to more serious territory.  Liz has helped hundreds of families learn to cope with addictions, depression, abuse, and any other problem you can imagine.

How does she do it?  Her solution is to first build rapport, then help the client re-frame…. join us on a fascinating conversation with Liz as she discusses framing, rapport and how to literally change the human mind.