Phishing is the number one security threat to organizations around the globe.  Yet only a fraction of the companies that control our services, infrastructure and resources are educating their people how to combat this threat.  Why?  Lets discuss with Mark Chapman…. Oct 12, 2015


Ep. 074 – Sounds like Phishy Business to Me

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Show Notes

Ep. 074

Phishing – it is used every day to breach companies around the globe.  Billions of dollars are lost each year to this vector.  Yet only a small fraction of companies around the globe are actively training their people how to recognize, defend and handle this vector.  Join us with resident geek and phishing expert, Mark Chapman, to discuss:

  • How important is Click Ratios?
  • How can we improve our ability to detect phish?
  • Why does phishing work so well?


You can find out more about Mark on his site,

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