If you took 10 billion parts high energy, 10 billion parts social engineer and 10 billion parts raw awesome and blended them together, poured them in a mold and let them gel it would come out this month’s guest.  Brian Brushwood is all that and more….. Nov 9, 2015


Ep. 075 – Scam Schooling The Social Engineer

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Show Notes

Ep. 075


For the last 1-1.5 years I have been begging Brian to come on the show.  I offered money, hugs, my undying love… the truth is the dude is just busy traveling the world doing super cool stuff and social engineering everyone around him.  Finally, we got him “nailed” (see what i did there) down to come on the show and it was nothing short of AWESOME.

  • He defines social engineering
  • Talks about his career
  • Discusses how to use SE in every day life
  • and so much more…


Head over to his site to follow him and check him out: http://www.shwood.com/

And enjoy the show

He gave us some great book recommendations too: