Dec 18th Star Wars debuts its Episode VII!! And while all of geekdom is getting ready, is there Social Engineering Elements to Star Wars?  Join us with our guest Dr. Travis Langley, a psychologist who studies Star Wars characters for the answer! …. Dec 14, 2015


Ep. 076 – Putting the SE into Star Wars

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Show Notes

  • Does Star Wars have a social engineering theme?
  • Can R2D2 be considered a USB device?
  • How does the psychology of the characters tie into real life?
  • Does using the Jedi life path make a good therapist?
  • And soooo much more!

Dr. Langley recommends a few books besides his own books on Amazon, such as:

Star Wars and Philosophy

The Psychology of the Simpsons

You can follow Dr. Langley on Twitter at @SuperHerologist