The topic for this month is Interview and Interrogation Tactics. Release Date 05 October 2009


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Show Notes

Episode 001 – Interrogation and Social Engineering:

Chris “loganWHD”
Mati “muts”
Jim “Elwood”
Dave “Rel1k”

Interview: Matt Churchill

Matt mentions the CSI EFFECT in how TV is affecting people’s view of the cops.

Some questions that will be answered in this podcast:

  • Are the interrogations we see on TV real?
  • How far can you go to make a suspect uncomfortable during an interrogation?
  • How much freedom do you have to use lies or deceptions in an interrogation?
  • Is it true that the most important aspects of social engineering are also the most important aspects of Interrogation?
  • What is the value of pretexting?
  • How do these tactics tie into social engineering?


Second Audio clip of the same interrogation
We hear framing, manipulation as well as excellent interrogation tactics.
Played mins: 3:00-4:11
Original source: YouTube.
First Audio Clip of the interrogation of Kaylee Anthony’s Grandma
Played mins: 1:50-3:30
Original source: YouTube.

Music Credits: Mykle Anthony



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