The topic for this month is Pretexting. Pretexting is one of the key components of social engineering. When we decided to search out a professional radio host we never thought we would meet one as dynamic and intriguing as Tom Mischke. Join us as Tom helps us analyze a side of pretexting we rarely consider. Release Date 09 November 2009


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Pretexting is not just for social engineers Episode 002

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Show Notes

This month we interviewed radio icon Tom Mishcke. Tom is a professional pretexter with out even knowing it.

  • We discuss how he prepared, practiced and executed funny, serious and personal bits for decades on his popular radio show.
  • What did he do when fans got too close to him?
  • How much time did it take to prepare for his bits?
  • How did a guy with no radio experience become such an influential voice in radio today?

For some of the funniest bits Tom has ever produced, see these fan sites that have archived these hilarious pieces of radio history.

Tom proved to be an amazing interview with a lot of insight into the art of pretexting.



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