The information contained in this podcast is some of the most mind blowing we have ever released. An intimate talk with an anonymous person who has detailed knowledge of how to perform identity theft and the very tricks that real identity thieves use to do their bad deeds. He outlines, details and shows how these attacks are performed then talks with us how we can mitigate these attacks. Release Date 12 April 2010


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The Social Engineering Zero Day Revealed! 008

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Show Notes

Identity Theft is one of the largest and fastest growing crimes in the world. Social Engineer was approached anonymously by an identity thief that wanted to reveal the ways they perform their dangerous and malicious deeds.

The Social Engineer crew has a lengthy and very deep talk with Mantis as he outlines the methods used by professional id thieves. In addition, when we talk about mitigation, you will be amazed at the answers to how you can protect yourself.

The information in this podcast is equivalent to a Zero Day release. Basically a step by step process of how to own another person. Why would we release such dangerous information? In the end, there is NO WAY TO PROTECT yourself. The only true protection is knowledge and then being aware of what to look for.

Can you be protected?
Is there information that is safe to release?
Once an Id Thief has your social security number, what can they do?
These and many more questions and dissected by the crew and Mantis

One of the keys to identity theft is that they understand how the social security works and what the numbers mean. Using free resources they can easily guess a number that can be pretty close to the actual number.

One of our contributors is a researcher that wrote a personal account of how she protects her family from Id Theft and the steps she takes to protect her credit. Melissa has allowed us to publish this PDF and when you read it you will want to follow her advice closely. You can download and feel free to pass around the special How To Protect Your Id Research Paper.

This podcast is truly mind blowing and we are sure you will enjoy it.



Of Course, we can’t thank Offensive Security enough for all of their help in making this happen.

This episode is sponsored by Spy Associates.

This month we would like to name the EFF as a sponsor. They helped us understand our legal rights to release this information.

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