Every Social Engineer on earth would love to have an arsenal of subliminal persuasion tactics in their tool belt. Being able to control how a person thinks, reacts and responds to you is imperative and this month we discuss just that with world renowned persuasion expert Kevin Hogan. Release Date 10 May 2010


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Show Notes

This month was just chock full of social engineering goodness as we once again discus persuasion but from a very different angle. Our guest, Kevin Hogan is an expert in persuasion, body language and human behavior. He reveals some of the most amazing aspect of persuasion you will ever hear.

Kevin Hogan is the author of 19 books on persuasion with the most popular being, The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking.

Kevin has joined us today to discuss his research on subliminal persuasion and how it is used to manipulate people for good reasons, but we will delve into and see how many can use it for bad too. We will discuss how you can protect yourself from these attacks. We cover:

  • What is unconscious influence?


  • How is it used to help people?
  • Can it be used maliciously?
  • How can one identity and protect against malicious attempts?
  • You talk in your book the science of influence about overcoming the status-quo, can you talk a bit about how that is done?
  • How can we take advantage of cultural rules to get someone to do what we want?
  • How much difference does the environment make in trying to influence someones actions? What are some ways someone can control their environment?
  • How do you control first impressions?


You will not want to miss one second of this amazing podcast.

Thank you Kevin for your excellent work and research. Please check out Kevin Hogan and his research on his website centered around persuasion.



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