There has been a lot of buzz about the new book, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.  Along with the “buzz” is some very positive reviews and feedback.  The team at Social-Engineer.Org decided to gather a selection from the community as well as the SEORG team and interview the author, their very own Chris Hadnagy. Release Date Jan 10 2011


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Dissecting “The Art of Human Hacking” Podcast 17

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Show Notes

Offsec is now sending out people to do a series of speeches. Chris will be at Black Hat DC to give the speech called “How to Hack Companies and Make Millions.” If your organization is interested email Chris at chris -@-

Wait to you hear the amazing announcements about DerbyCon on this podcast only!

This month we interviewed Chris Hadnagy about how he created, wrote and planned out his book.  In addition, we invited a crew from the community to ask questions.

We invited a wide array of different people:

Ron Woerner, CISSP is a noted speaker and writer in the Security industry and is the Director of Cybersecurity Studies at Bellevue University.  He has over 20 years IT and Security experience and has worked for multiple Midwest companies.  Ron earned degrees from Michigan State University and Syracuse University. He loves to talk to others who are passionate about Security and Privacy.

Morgan took part in our DEF CON 18 SE CTF as the only female to step up and take a chance.  She graduated with a CS undergrad from Virginia Tech. She began focusing on cyber security and forensics. And she will be finishing her MS in Cybersecurity in the Spring. She thinks of herself as a natural Social Engineer.

Jean is our youngest guest today at 18 years old.  He has his Security+ cert and is going to start the OSCP soon.  He has been interested in information security for the last 6 years and mostly self taught.  He is very interested in NLP and SE and loves to follow and read information on these areas.

Alison – what can I say about Alison?  This can take up pages… crime fighting, sword wielding, book writing, security enthusiast that went from stock broker to social engineering queen and helped bring down a massive dog fighting ring – read more on her bio.

These folks asked lots of questions and had a great discussion about social engineering as a whole.

Some of the questions you will hear:

How do you get the nerve to actually do this stuff?
What’s the #1 skill for a good social engineer (p 64)?
Why is it important / critical for Infosec people to understand how humans think and operate?
Tom Peltier says that one aspect of a good SE is being a woman?  Do you agree?
Does this stuff work on kids and spouses?
Have you ever done SE outside of a paid engagement to manipulate someone?
Are there videos available showing SE techniques?

In addition we have some great stories and insider tips you will only get on this podcast.  Enjoy and we will talk to you at Shmoo!



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