There are a lot of skills that a social engineer needs to be successful. With all the important skills out there, one of the most important is building rapport. We invited back one of our favorite guests, Robin Dreeke, to talk about how he builds rapport in 5 minutes or less. Release Date April 11 2011


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Robin Dreeke, a 1992 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and former US Marine Corps Officer, has been studying interpersonal relations for the past 23 years of his government service. Through the use of non-verbal behavior; the Personal DISCernment Inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and personal anchoring, Robin has built highly effective tools for all aspects and stages of interpersonal communication. For the past thirteen+ years Robin has applied and taught his tools and techniques for the FBI as a member of the Counterintelligence Division’s elite Behavioral Analysis Program. Robin has combined all these tools and techniques and created a very unique, People Formula. Today Robin is a recognized expert, author, and gifted lecturer, in the art of interpersonal communication. These skills are used every day in the areas of leadership, sales, human resources and all relationships both business and personal.
Disclaimer: The views and information expressed do not represent the views of the FBI. Robin visits us again to discuss a very important topic. This is the topic of how to build rapport with any one – FAST. Being able to collapse the boundaries that might exist due to our physical, emotional or mental make up. How can one get past preconceived judgments and build a strong bond with a complete stranger? These questions are powerful, but the answers are even more powerful as they can make you a great social engineer.You can check out Robin on his website The People Formula Get Involved Got a great idea for an upcoming podcast? Send an email to contribute -@-



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