Our favorite linux distribution is about to release its new version – BackTrack5. How better to announce the release than by a big ol’ podcast complete with Infected Mushroom and almost the whole dev crew – Release Date May 05 2011


You can download it direct:
Special Edition: BackTrack 5 and Infected Mushroom Podcast 21

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This special edition is thanks to INFECTED MUSHROOM – check them out and get Infected Now!

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Offsec is now sending out people to do a series of speeches. If your organization is interested email Chris at chris -@- offsec.com – Chris will be in North Carolina this month for a speech at the Charlotte ISSA. Don’t forget to get ready for DerbyCon – tickets are sale now. We enjoyed having most of the BackTrack 5 dev team with us to welcome BackTrack 5 into the world.  In addition, the support from Infected Mushroom is just amazing and we are sure if you haven’t been “Infected” yet you soon will be. Enjoy this special edition and get ready for the release on May 10th. Want to whet your appetite even more for BackTrack 5?  Shadz of Zuse Design put together this amazing promo video. BackTrack 5 Release – May 10th, 2011

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