Physical social engineering is a very interesting topic. Although it is the easiest method into a company it is also the hardest type of pentest to sell to clients. We discuss this topic with two experienced and professional physical social engineers, Sharon Conheady and Munya Kanaventi. Release Date November 14 2011


Getting Physical With Social Engineering – Episode 028

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Show Notes

The topic of physical social engineering is very interesting to us.  m3.gifTalking to two people who lead this industry we can get a clear picture of how it is used, some struggles and ideas of why it is so important.  We discussed questions like:

What is the hardest part of physical pen work?
How much does physical appearance affect the physical work?
How do you work around physical appearance limitations?
Is there anything unique that comes up in terms of setting up permission for the physical work?
Would you climb a fence? Pick a lock? Break a window?
Do you physically remove anything from the site? If so, how to do know what is “safe” to remove? How much do cultural differences affect the outcome of the work? Physical locations?
How much do costumes come into the job? (Dressing up like a delivery person, etc.)
How far do you go with fake identities? Fake ID? Fake Resumes? What else?
How much of a fake personality do you use when doing physical work vs how much is really you?
How much of a plan do you make before starting the engagement? How much does your gender play a role into your pretext’s?
Does gender play a role in your successes and failures? Do you deploy your SE skills when trying to get a date/ when you are on a date? And much more!

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