What can you do if a loved one was kidnapped and the government couldn’t help?  The Halo Corp is  a group of ex-Military commando’s that specializes in the rescue and recover of people in very dangerous circumstances.  We invited Brad Barker, the CEO of The Halo Corp onto the podcast to discuss how they use social engineering.  Release Date December 12 2011


Force Multipliers in Modern Social Engineering – Episode 029

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Show Notes

Podcast Notes: Brad Barker, CEO of The Halo Corp, joined us this month to discuss how they go about saving people from hostage circumstances and how they use social engineering in doing so. Here are some of the questions we asked Brad….

  • Do you recover things (objects, physical items) or just people?
  • Do they go after ALL recoveries or have they ever turned down a job due to it being too difficult?
  • What’s your recovery rate/history/record?
  • Do you have agents/employees/contractors stationed around the world on-call?
  • Do you have undercover agents that operate like spies?
  • How extensive is the HALO training?
  • What are your methods of recovery?
  • What are some cool high-tech toys you guys use?
  • Is it with local/federal law enforcement blessing?
  • Is it normally organized crime that has their hands in the kidnapping?

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