Hackers are people who like to understand the deeper things in life.  Those who aren’t satisfied with boundaries or being told how to think or what to do.  Our guest this month is a true “hacker”, Josh Klein.  Join us as we discuss what is hacking this month. Date April 09 2012


Episode 033 – Hacking Human Behavior

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Josh Klein is described as “the quintessential hacker – a cross-disciplinary, pattern recognizing polymath who takes his greatest joy from combining the unexpected and seeing the result work in new and better ways.” This month we discuss how he has taken his research in animal behavior and applied it to human studies. Topics include: How do you study animal behaviors? What can you apply to humans from that? How can you “train” people to react the way you want them to?

Fun experiments with co-workers. And much much more!

Josh’s recommended reading list:

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