Framing is one topic that can make or break the success of a social engineer.  What if you could harness the power to reframe yourself to become anything despite any obstacle? Christine Ha is this month’s guest and she is truly a success story, an inspiration and a star example of re-framing. Date Jan 14, 2013


Episode 041:  Framing Your Life and Becoming Inspirational – Jan 14, 2013

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Show Notes

Christine Ha is not just your average everyday Asian woman – she is almost super woman!  At 14 she lost her mother to death, then in her 20’s she woke up one day and was blind and immobile.  Despite these amazing obstacles, she has overcome mountains of opposition and she taught herself to be a chef and a writer. Not just any chef, she went on national TV and won Season 3 of Master Chef against all odds and dozens of competitors with all their senses. How?  How can a person not fall into the trap of self pity despite all these obstacles?  Christine tells us how. In addition she talks to us about: How she became blind? How she learned to be a chef? How she decided to reframe herself and become a winner? And much much more. Christine is online at her website, The Blind Cook Christine is an amazing human being that has nothing to do with security, computers or the like – but that can teach each one of us something about inspiration, overcoming tragedy and reframing ourselves.

Check out Christine’s book Recipes From My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food