Imagine having the power to not only social engineer anyone into giving over information with out hesitation but actually being happy for having done it? Our long time friend and podcast guest, Robin Dreeke talks about context framing and how we use it to leave our targets saying, “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Date Feb 18, 2013


Episode 042:  “Thank you for social engineering me!” Feb 18, 2014 

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Show Notes

Robin Dreeke is at it again, his next book (working on it now) is going to rock the industry with proven tips on how a social engineer can use the context of the individual to influence them to give over information and be happy for having done it. His next book starts out with the communication model we use and then shows us how to focus on the other person’s context from those levels… pan psych, cultural/demographic/generation. Next we talk about how we understand how the individual sees themselves in the world and more importantly how THEY prefer to have trust and rapport developed. Amazing information. For more information check out Robin’s Website at