Welcome to the Social-Engineer Podcast: The SE Etc. Series. This series will be hosted by Chris Hadnagy, CEO of Social-Engineer LLC, and The Innocent Lives Foundation, as well as Social-Engineer.Org and The Institute for Social Engineering. Chris will be joined by his co-host Patrick Laverty as they discuss topics pertaining to the world of Social Engineering. [Dec 26, 2022]


SE Etc. Series – Ep 192 – Shelby’s Love of Dumpsters with Patrick and Chris

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Show Notes

Ep. 192

00:00 – Intro 

00:29 – Patrick Laverty Intro 

01:18 – Intro Links 

05:04 – Todays Topic: Dumpster Diving 

06:27 – Shelby Dacko Intro 

08:38 – Patrick’s Pizza Adventure 

14:34 – Who is Shelby? 

15:51 – 9 Times 

19:20 – The continuing importance of OSINT 

20:44 – What are some “typical” goals for a “break-in”? 

22:40 – Concerns with 3rd party security 

23:08 – Shelby’s nighttime find 

26:37 – Shelby’s Trash Talk 

31:02 – All the luck 

33:20 – A moment in time 

35:37 – Situational Awareness 

38:58 – The 4th Step 

41:02 – Diversity of thought 

42:06 – Cut me some SLACK 

44:39 – “It’s more about the raccoons” 

46:50 – Wrap Up & Outro 


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