Today the iPad was delivered to hundreds of thousands of expecting users.  Along with that, the Internet is a buzz with iPad news, iPad Apps, iPad reviews and iPad Social Engineering…

Soon as Apple launched the news that the iPad was going public Apple related spam increased by 30%.  While most of these are spam, many are luring people who desire an iPad to sites that “promise” to put you at the front of the list to receive one of the new magical devices.  Another warning was revolving around the 22% increase in credit card fraud over the last year.  Many spam and phishing offers are tempting people to enter personal information to be “notified” of new iPad shipments.  Many of these sites are designed to gather information then use it to commit identity theft or credit card fraud.

“In addition to being a new, hot-ticket item, the iPad is a U.S. electronic device, and in foreign countries, American electronics—especially those manufactured by Apple—fetch up to $1,200 more than they do domestically, offering thieves the opportunity to pad out, so to speak, their already fat pockets.”, so says one security researcher.

The other concerns that some have about the iPad are due to some of the built in flaws of the iPad.  One of the largest complaints you will hear about the iPad is how it can’t multi-task.  Two processes can’t run at the same time.  Couple that with the ability for the iPad to use iPage, an application that will allow the porting of Word Docs and PDF documents, and some are concerned that vulnerabilities can be used to exploit the iPad.  Without being able to run a background process the iPad cannot use AV software or other software to help protect itself.

I am not too sure about that concern, but I have seen a lot more emails promising help in obtaining a new iPad and I can vouch that it is presenting a large threat base to unsuspecting users.

So is this an “anti-iPad” post?  No, not at all.  It is just another case of where malicious phishers and social engineers are using something that is hot to trap people into giving up way too much information.  If you are seeking where to find an iPad, stick to the Apple Store or their online shop.  Remember if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.  While searching for the new Apple “magical” device don’t get caught falling for the magic tricks of malicious social engineers.