A few weeks ago we had sent the request out to run our first ever Tee Shirt Contest and we launched the “We’re Too Cheap To Hire a Designer” contest.

We had 6 designs that made it to the finals.  And over 2500 votes totaled up.

We want to congratulate team Leonard/Ming/DigiP…..

A student and fan of the podcast had a concept for a tee shirt and brought it to mING, SEORG’s resident slave and taser boy who it turn brought it to DigiP who put life to it.

That life took over 62% of the #5 (Loved it) votes in this contest.  And your winning design is:

As promised, the winning team will get some schwag as part of their winner package!  Congrats to Leonard, Dan and Tom for putting their heads together, making a great design and getting the votes!

For the rest of ya – as a lot of people are asking for schwag we are going to be taking web orders for SEORG schwag and then getting a huge batch made and bringing them to Defcon.  If you are not coming to Defcon but still want your schwag, let us know and we will see what we can work out.

The link for the orders will be ready soon and we will tweet it when it is.

Thanks for your support and CONGRATS again to the winners!