Are you a skilled designer?  Or a graphics enthusiast? Are you dying to show off your impressive design skills? Or are you someone who knows an awesome design when you see one? Here at SEORG we have neither design skills or money to pay a designer…. and by “too cheap to hire a designer”, what we really mean is that we are so confident in the communities’ creativity that this year we are holding our very first Design a T-Shirt contest! The idea is simple, submit your SEORG inspired design and let the community vote for the coolest, most creative design for this year’s special SEORG t-shirt being proudly worn at Defcon 20. It can be an image, a funny saying, a combination of both and what is the best part? Urbal has no say in the selection of your designs!

Let’s get down to the details:

  • Submissions will be accepted by email to after you register
  • The deadline to submit a design is May 14
  • A site post and tweet from @humanhacker will provide a link to the selected designs.
  • The reg page will include instructions on placing your vote.
  • Votes will close at midnight Wednesday May 23
  • Once all the votes are tallied, the winning design will be announced May 25

The Rules:

  • Absolutely no vulgar or derogatory images or text.
  • The design must be sent with a transparent background in PNG file format. Max size of 5mb.
  • We encourage a 2 sided design. (front and back of shirt)
  • The design must be original work and royalty free.
  • You can only submit one design.
  • Designs are encouraged to reference SEORG.

What’s in store for the winner? Besides having their awesome design plastered all over creation, and having Urbal say “the t-shirt doesn’t suck”, a few prizes will be presented to them at Defcon 20. This includes a few special SEORG t-shirts sporting YOUR winning design and a nice swag bag filled with goodies like a numbered and limited edition SE Challenge coin, a copy of Chris’ book and a special surprise we can’t tell you yet.

We also plan on transferring the design into a special SEORG wallpaper which will be displayed and can be downloaded from the SEORG website. Not enough? How about a warm introduction at this year’s SE CTF  and all the credit you could want? We thought so 😉

No doubt we are going to be blown away by all your awesome designs and totally relieved that we didn’t have to hire a designer.

If you are a designer and want to join in the fun then GO REGISTER or click the banner on the side bar to join in the Social-Engineer.Org Design a TEE Shirt Contest and GOOD LUCK.