The topic for this month is Framing. Framing is where we use the method of delivery of information to frame or manipulate the way the target receives it. We frame in daily conversation and we deal with framing in our daily lives. How many of us would buy meat that is 25% fat? Yet most of us would readily buy meat that is 75% lean… an example of Framing. Join us as we interview Internet Business Guru and Math Genius Sam Yagan of to discuss how framing is used in daily activities like attracting a mate. Release Date 14 December 2009


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Show Notes

This month we interviewed math genius and Internet Business guru, Sam Yagan. Sam is a Harvard Graduate with a unique outlook on how to start a business and make it profitable. Sam and his partners started an Internet Dating site called OkCupid.Com with the goal of “taking something preexisting, making it better and making free.”

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How do they actually work a FREE dating service and what is the catch?
  • How does a Harvard Math geek turn into an Internet Dating Business Professional?
  • Did that math background help in creating some truly unique datasets about human behavior?
  • From your research what is the most surprising aspect of human behavior you have seen in your research?
  • What have you found are effective methods that people use that actually get a reply? What is not effective?
  • Has the research you’ve done on your data set changed the way you look at people at all?

We tie all this into how it applies to social engineers. What can we learn about framing and the manipulation of information from a dating website?

To check out so amazing pieces of information on human thinking check out the OkCupid’s Blog.

This was an awesome interview that we learn a lot from and we are sure you will too.



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