Recording Devices

There are many recording devices on the market now.  Camera’s and audio devices are embedded in hats, ties, buttons, pens, rings, boxes, lapel pins and more.

For an idea on what devices are available please see our partners at Ace Hackware.

Below is a review for an older pen recorder.  The Slim Pen Recorder to review. This neat little device has amazing battery life and a long range microphone for recording conversations.

Initial Install

No software is needed to make the device run. It starts with a battery charge. This is done by plugging the pen into the USB port and letting it charge for a couple hours. You can install the software afterward that is needed to extract the sound off of the device. Installing the software was painless.

Device Usage

The device is a fully functional pen. It actually writes quite nice and is heavy in the hand so it feels like a nice writing tool. Yet in the very top there is a hidden microphone.

The microphone on this device is tiny, basically unnoticeable if you don’t know what you are looking at. Which means this is a great covert recorder. It works great just sitting in your pocket, being left on a table or even while taking notes. Of course the mic cannot be too obstructed for it to work well.

Recording Devices

It is very easy to use. The on/off mechanism is in the clip on the pen. Sliding it up stops recording, sliding it down starts the recording. It can record for hours on one battery charge. Even though the model we had only had 128mbs it can record for 4.5 hours on the highest quality setting. After being fully charged we could fill it up 3 times before I needed to recharge.

Take a look at the on/off mechanism.

Charging and grabbing the data is done through the USB plug that is included with the device. You can also use the included headset that has controls to listen, fast forward or even delete.


Due to laws within our state we were not able to record and post any recordings here but I can guarantee that the quality was good and this device was a nice to use and made recording easy to do in many settings.

This device can be very useful in an social engineering audit and we recommend checking it out at: