Has a year passed already? Another DEF CON is here and our amazing guest, Robin Dreeke will be with us on the podcast LIVE helping us SIZE PEOPLE UP! – Aug 19, 2019


Ep. 120 – Sizing People Up – LIVE AT DEF CON 27 with Robin Dreeke

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Show Notes

On This Episode We Discuss:

  • 0:00 – 10th year anniversary podcast!
  • 2:38 – Robin’s book Sizing People Up
  • 3:43 – Why trust is ultimately what matters
  • 5:33 – Perry’s speech at SEVillage
  • 7:45 – Changing the context of how you view your situation (And the world)
  • 10:35 – How you choose who to engage when speaking to an audience
  • 11:10 – Stage hypnosis
  • 13:15 – Why you need to make every statement about the other person
  • 14:50 – Why we always act in our best interest and understanding what that means for others
  • 17:28 – How you can use social engineering in real-life social situations (And how to mitigate manipulation)
  • 22:44 – The differences between the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms industries
  • 27:25 – The most effect technique for listening
  • 28:08 – The Black Badge Contest winners
  • 29:05 – How the Black Badge works and why it’s so high pressure
  • 30:03 – Techniques for building rapport
  • 33:17 – Having so many people fill the room at DEF CON
  • 36:22 – Protecting data and how changing culture has to start from the top
  • 41:10 – Career prospects and how to find the right company to work for
  • 44:38 – The value of writing to build credibility and get more clients
  • 46:55 – Phishing education and incentivizing positive action
  • 49:45 – Taking time to figure out people’s strengths and top 3 priorities of people you’re working with
  • 50:45 – Why loving your product, believing in what you’re selling, and knowing it will help people is crucial to selling a product
  • 54:32 – Dealing with fatigue while vishing (And taking breaks)
  • 58:04 – What makes a great social-engineer
  • 1:00:00 – Perry’s Book
  • 1:03:37 – A technique for catching 3 spies (Coming soon)


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