The time has been upon us here in the USA where the US Government sent out census form. More than 100 million were mailed out to many households in the USA. Seems innocent enough? Social Engineering Attacks may become more prevalent due to this.

These census forms are designed in a way that all of us should be aware:
* There are only 10 questions on this form
* The form does not request ANY personal information like bank accounts and/or social security numbers or other financial/personal info

Even armed with this knowledge there are some things we must be aware of to avoid falling prey to a scam that can lead to identity theft. It is not private knowledge that 100 million surveys are being sent this week. You know it, I know it and all malicious scammers and social engineers know it too. Be aware of these attacks:

Email Attacks
The census bureau will never send an email requesting more info, financial info or contact via a link or response to an email.
If you get such an email, do not reply, do not click on the link – delete it and be happy you didn’t fall victim.

Phone Attacks
There is a chance that you will receive a call from a census representative, but it is slim. If they cannot understand your answers they may call. Even if they do, they will never ask for personal or financial information to verify your identity. Be aware that con artists love the phone.

In-Person Attacks
As of May 1st over 800,000 part time workers will begin descended upon our towns to knock on doors and follow up on those who have not mailed in their census forms. If someone visits your home or business ask for official ID and a secondary ID to prove they are who they say.
Do not give out ANY information until verified.
They will never ask for money, donations or other financial information.

It is an unfortunate aspect of this world, that whenever something like this is going on, the chance for a social engineering attack goes on the rise. It happened at 9/11, the earthquake in Haiti and basically every other major event in the last decade.

Do not let your guard down and don’t forget to fill out that census forms or you may be giving away $5000 as a fine – and that is no scam!