Lock Picking

Under the right circumstances, lock picking tools are useful to social engineers.

Lock Picking


One of the primary resources for information is the lock wiki which details many different aspects of these tools.


One of the largest site to visit on information on lock picking is TOOOL. Lock picking might not be a pure form of social engineering. However, physical security is an important aspect of a social engineer’s career. Learning how to pick locks can be useful for gaining access to companies, file cabinets, offices or other areas that will hold the information you seek. Practice kits like these can be found all over the web.

Deviant at DEF CON

Here is a very long video of a DEF CON speech by Deviant showing many forms of picking locks.


Shove Knife

Another tool that can be used if lock picking is not your cup of tea is a Shove Knife. It is a common tool, allowing a person who may not have the skills to pick locks to enter a locked location more quickly. 

Bump Keys

Bump Keys are another aspect of lock picking that have been around for a very long time, but just now getting a lot of play in the market. A bump key as demonstrated here in this news report can allow a person access to an even difficult lock with little to no effort.


This video shows a very crude method of making a shim, which is another tool for lock pickers.


Our framework here only scratches the surface of lock picking since it is not a pure social engineer tactic, but merely a tool.